International Mobility

Work in Canada

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Obtaining a work permit

Whatever the context in which a foreign national enters the Canadian workforce, whether they are transferred or "sponsored" by a local employer, they will have to obtain a work permit.

There are multiple programs that differ in terms of duration, application requirements and conditions, such as Intra-Company Transferees, Executive Transferees, Young Professional Permits, Labor Market Impact Assessments, Canadian Advantage and Facilitated Labour Market Assessment List of Quebec.

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Immetis provides the following services :

  • Organize gathered information
  • Prepare forms and letters of support for any type of work permit application
  • Prepare applications for children and spouses
  • File requests for status restoration
  • Opine on temporary immigration, such as the right to renew or implied status
  • Accompany clients in their growth and ensure that they remain in Canada legally in the event of a merger or acquisition.
  • Anticipate status renewals
  • Accompany foreign workers towards applyig for permanent residence

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