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COVID-19 : Continuing to assist you, to inform you, and to ensure everyone’s good health

Communication and transparency with our team, our clients and our partners are fundamental values for Immetis.

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, we feel it is very important to notify you of the health measures being taken to protect everyone at Immetis and to keep you informed of the consequences of this crisis on matters of immigration.

Protecting everyone’s health

Our main concerns are for the health of our co-workers as well as our clients.

As such, Immétis has put in place the following measures:

  • Our professionals have the choice to either work from home, or to continue working in the office;
  • As of last Friday, we have chosen to no longer receive clients in our offices;
  • Our legal consultations will take place via video-conferencing;
  • Measures of hygiene and reinforced security have also been put in place internally.

We will continue to update these measures as dictated by circumstances and in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

Continuing to serve our clients

Immetis will continue to guarantee the same level of service for the duration of this crisis.

The technology we use already ensures we can work remotely, with no interruption in communications, wherever our clients are in the world. We will therefore continue to deal with your dossiers throughout the crisis.

Informing our clients of the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak on their immigration dossiers

We are constantly keeping up to date on the health measures taken by the authorities in order to determine the impact on international mobility and be able to keep you informed on the consequences for your immigration dossier.

In concrete terms:

  • We have implemented a daily meeting to analyse the impact of the crisis on our clients’ dossiers;
  • We continue to publish regular updates on the Coronavirus and the consequences for immigration;
  • We will continue to insure the processing of dossiers, even if we are forced to close our offices temporarily;
  • As of now, we are putting in place a specific email: to enable our clients to ask us any questions on the subject;
  • We are organizing webinars to address the consequences of COVID-19 on the different immigration procedures. The dates and times will be announced soon on our social networks.

Immétis will keep up to date with the impact of the pandemic on international mobility, and in particular on immigration procedures. We will of course keep our clients informed of any new information regarding their situation.

Our team hope you, and those close to you, will remain safe and in good health during this crisis. We thank our clients for their continued support and continue to be available at all times.

Last update on March, 16th

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