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Hiring a foreign worker - Where to start
Professionals / Professionals

Hiring a foreign worker: where to start?

There are many programs for obtaining a work permit. Before starting, an employer needs to understand the basics regarding immigration to Canada for a foreign worker, to undo certain common preconceptions and develop the right reflexes when it comes to temporary immigration. Here are four major principles employers need to know when hiring a foreign worker.

Foreign workers

What has the closure of the borders really changed for foreign workers?

Foreign workers can enter Canada despite the closure of the borders. Is it possible to recruit internationally during the pandemic? Natacha Mignon, an immigration attorney and partner at Immetis, gives a positive answer to this question and explains why.

The CETA report on mobility of professionals

European Professionals: seize the mobility opportunities available to you

Are you interested in expanding your activities in Canada? Immetis has been commissioned by the Delegation of the European Union in Canada to develop a practical guide aimed at decoding the various mobility options available to European professionals under the CETA agreement.

Carte élections américaines 2020
Private Individuals

American presidential elections, the big winner is: Canada!

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) confirmed that its new server would be able to support excess traffic on its site produced by the American elections. This response from the authorities reflects the situation in 2016 following the election of Donald Trump as President, when the IRCC site crashed.

Stay Home
Private Individuals

Returning to Canada: can you avoid quarantine?

Any person, or almost, presently entering Canada is currently under the obligation to self-isolate for 14 days. What does this obligation, which has triggered any number of articles, entail? Natacha Mignon, immigration attorney and partner in Immetis, separates fact and fiction.

Jeune femme faisant du télétravail

Recruiting overseas talent during COVID-19

After several months of uncertainty, overseas recruitment seem to be picking up again. What has been the impact of the crisis on the immigration process?

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