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Immetis assists human resources managers with immigration issues relating to the hiring or retention of foreign employees.

Our firm stands out by meeting the specific needs of human resources departments, offering flexible solutions adapted to the size of the department, whether or not they engage international mobility specialists and based on the number of foreign employees in the company.

Immetis can therefore prepare full applications for a foreign worker's status, as well as offering flexible forms for reviewing files or offer paralegal support.

Such flexibility allows cost control on international mobility issues within the company.

We work with law firms

Immetis has made the strategic choice to focus its practice in the area of business, professional and student immigration in Canada in order to serve law firms who do not have an immigration practice, thereby avoiding conflicts of interest and promoting full transparency vis-à-vis their clients.

Immetis offers flexible services, ranging from full service immigration services to specialized paralegal services for preparing applications for work permits to study permits or business immigration permits.

Immetis’ expertise and capacity to standardize data collection allows us to offer advantageous rates.

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