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Employers: should you talk about the PEQ with your foreign employees?

Équipe Immétis - 10/09/2017

A work permit is by nature temporary. No exception to the rule. After the initial permit or successive renewals, your employees will have to return to their country of citizenship; unless they have initiated an application for permanent residence.

Open your horizons: talk to them about the PEQ

A common mistake by employers is not to anticipate the termination of work permits of their foreign employees. By learning about the Québec Experience Worker Experience Program (PEQ), employers can save the hassle and expense when their employees’ licenses expire.

Think PEQ

The PEQ is defined on the site of the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion. It is  an accelerated program for the selection of skilled workers to become eligible for a Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ). This will allow them, in a second time, to apply for permanent residence in Quebec.

The PEQ is open to foreign employees who have occupied a category A, B or O position according to the National Occupational Classification over a 12-month period in the last 24 months.

The foreign employee must also prove a good knowledge of French.

Unless when the candidates can prove that they attended school in French, they would not be required to pass a language test.

This means that the formalities to apply are simplified. As for processing times, they are only three to four weeks!

Extend your work permit with a CSQ

Another advantage is that a qualified foreign worker who holds a CSQ may have his work permit extended with his current employer (or another employer, of course) under facilitated conditions.

The employer in particular does not have to follow the Labor Market Impact Study process to extend it for an additional 24 months, which leaves the foreign national sufficient time to become a permanent resident.

Therefore, I can only recommend employers hiring foreign workers under a work permit for more than six months to encourage them to inquire about their eligibility for the PEQ.

Marc-André RANGER, Head Paralegal and Partner

This article contains general information regarding immigration, is intended to provide a general understanding of the terms and does not constitute legal advice. For complete legal advice, contact our professionals.

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